15 September 2014

This That Whatever

This That Whatever - Art

Have you seen this - Museums are now going interactive 'after dark'. You can tour the darkened gallery in the dead of night without leaving your house. The ‘After Dark’ live events allow virtual visitors to control one of four camera-clad robots or to join a tour already controlled by another user. Each robot will be fitted with a torch that illuminates artworks one at a time, lending a Scooby Doo air to your artistic discoveries. More details here

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If you would prefer to sit back and take it all in without the crowds, you can now see Great Art On Screen. A new series of cinema events brings the world’s greatest art exhibitions to the screen. Great Art On Screen will feature the world’s foremost upcoming art exhibitions, creatively captured live especially for the big screen - Matisse, Rembrandt, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Vincent van Gogh and The Impressionists. 

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Or for those well and truly in the digital world, here is a list of twitter accounts that tweet out images from some of the world's best museum collections.

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