08 March 2015


Home - City / Small Spaces

Has anyone watched Tiny House Nation? On a whim I decided to tape it and was surprised that there were a few good ideas on there. I particularly liked the feature on this episode of the below small house.

The link above takes you to the before and after shots of how the owner converted the garage to her home. Amazing.

07 March 2015


Home - City

I haven't been perusing the property market for a while. But I went on there yesterday and found there wasn't much on there. Strange I thought given the hype with low interest rates, though no drop this month. But I did find two that piqued my interest.

Balmain - 1 Bed unit
What appeals to me most about this unit is the floor layout. It has a nice flow about it. I particularly like the bi-fold doors to the balcony. Not much I would change here, as you could move in and throw a small party very easily. Basically, a very sociable-looking flat. So it is well and truly hitting the buyers market for the singles or young couples.

Balmain - 1 bed unit off-plan
Not much to show here for this flat, but another example of a great floor plan. Even better than the above. Love the 2 doors to the bathroom and the study nook with the laundry.

So, if I had a chance to fit it out, this is what I would do.

Study - I would keep it simple and neat with a killer-looking chair like the below.

Bathroom - Give there is no window, I would go black except for the floors, and just go all out with lighting and a few of the accessories. The pictures below come to mind.

Bedroom - I would want to keep it simple, yet feel luxurious, whilst bringing in more natural fibers. Like a material on the walls, linen on the curtains, and maybe a woolen carpet. The below images are what I am thinking.

Kitchen/Living - I like the openness of these rooms and the flow to the balcony. A very social room. Below are the images that come to mind for these rooms.

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