31 August 2011

Now Then Whenever

Now Then Whenever - Inspire

Do I really need to go back to school?

Found here, here and here

PS. Forget English (I am just a bad typer), I think I need a lesson on Physics (or is it Biology or Auxology). Those teachers are extremely short for those blackboards!

30 August 2011


Home - Feature

This looks like another lovely family home. The choice of lighting in each room stands out for me.

More details are here

29 August 2011

Here There Wherever

Here There Wherever - Outdoor (Seasons)

Last days of winter!

Found here and here

26 August 2011


Eat - Dinner

I am a sucker for this type of food on a Friday night or Sunday (in front of the TV)...Rich and meaty lamb ragu

25 August 2011

Here There Wherever

Here There Wherever - Events

Another Diner en Blanc in France. This year....in the Cour Carrée at the Louvre in Paris. Note you have to take your own epicurean repasts, and also your own tables, chairs, glasses, silver and napery.

More details here. The USA version, reported to be in New York, is on 25 August 2011.

You might like this idea of what to bring food wise.

23 August 2011


Home - Small Spaces

I am a lover of well-designed small spaces, and now I have found my retreat.

Found here, here and here

22 August 2011


I love how these women have accessorised ...

Found here

20 August 2011


Eat - Dinner

With the last few days of winter, I am going to make this...Beef and Barley Stew with Mushrooms

Or check out this Tassie stew. Below are the incredients.

19 August 2011

This That Whatever

Robert Montgomery is an artist based in London who’s work spans large typographic billboards, recycled sunlight pieces and drawings. His website says that he ”works in a poetic and melancholic post-situationist tradition”.

18 August 2011


I really love this room. It is by the desgner family Novogratz. Who, by the way, have their own design show. Found here.

There is some more of their work here, here and here

16 August 2011



After my couple of posts on bathrooms, I must admit I have been too overwhelmed to decide what I like best and why.

Organising them into groups has helped me, so that if I was to go down the process of renovating a bathroom or installing a new one it would keep me focused particularly on the budget and where I want to splurge. I hope this will and has helped you. To be frank, I think this has pretty much turned me off the process for quite a while at least.

Anyway, I hope you found your favourite bathroom colours, wall/floor features, fittings/fixtures, and style/wow. For all of these it is still super important to consider the layout.

Here are a few more that probably sum up each of the groups...

found here, here, here, here and here


Winter doesn't seem so bad when you wear clothes and accessories like these....

13 August 2011

This That Whatever

This That Whatever - Craft

I am loving the crafty way of resurrecting the lantern and the space above your head.

Colour inspired

another doily inspired

Moon inspired

Then if you are inspired by the sputnick light, there is a creative way to reproduce it here.

Getting more into the party spirit, you may also like the beribboned affect here.

The streamer effect here
and here

and here

The pom pom effect how to here

And some origami balloon lanterns here

and other lanterns

And if you really get inspired by paper, you should read Paper Runway

11 August 2011



Focusing on style and a little bit of wow factor.