01 September 2014


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This is a cute little one bedroom cottage, though the land size would make you think otherwise (122sqm).

I like the way they have neutralised all the interiors to make the cottage characters stand out (wooden floors, brick walls and leadlight windows).

So whilst the property wouldn't need much doing to it at first, I would be considering the following:

For the bedroom I would paint the walls grey and would be tempted to paint the floorboard white. I know sacrilege for those wide floorboards, but it can be sanded off.

Then again for the living room, grey walls, white floor and colour injected via the paintings on the wall.

Continuing the white floors into the dining area, but this time dark walls like the below.
For the kitchen I would paint the cabinets black on the bottom and light grey on the top, changing the benchtop to black.

There is no picture for the bathroom, but a simple one like this would be nice.

Then for the garden, it might need some extra plants on the side path, and then at the back some cleaning up. These are the images I am thinking of.

Images above all pinned here

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