05 September 2014


Eat - Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

I have put on hold my service to Hello Fresh, as I am in need of a little change in eating habits, and also because I found a local provider The Cooks Grocer, which I am loving. Last night I tried

Spring Green Minestrone Soup With Basil Pesto and it was delicious.  I like the way they present the packaging, clean, fresh and simple. Similar to this blog - French Cuisse.

Found here

Though if you think that is easy, check the picture below out, the Spanish restaurant Mugaritz--ranked one of the world's top 10 restaurants--assembles a wall full of marker drawings to brainstorm their menu in the off season. Similarly, El Bulli meticulously sculpted each of their dishes in plasticine, to help visualize what food should look like every time it's plated. 
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