12 March 2014


Home - Mix

This is an interesting house, especially how they have included the bedroom at the front, and changed the entrance to the side. But it is also 102sqm. So there is room to grow, particularly with the shed at the back and possibly the attic. So with all that in mind, this is what I would do. (Sold $747,500)

Obviously at the front a good lick of paint would be good.

Then with this plan I would change as follows

Until I could covert the attic I would keep the front room as a bedroom but close it off with a row of bookshelves

as seen here
Blogged here

I would open further the door to the kitchen and create an open kitchen/dinning/living

The first part of the room would have a couch like this

then the dining/kitchen would look like this
Pinned here

The bathroom would look like this
Pinned here

Then at the back of the block could be a room and possibly a walkway to it like the below
Pinned here

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And spruse up the courtyard so it looks like this
Pinned here

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