05 May 2014


Home - Mix

Everything about this home ticks all the boxes to me. A one bedroom house, great flowing floorplan with a courtyard and the location. With a few little tweeks, this is also what it to grow to be. (Sold - $620k)

From this..

To this....

I would paint all the floor boards glossy black and then paint the walls a light pastel colour like the below.

Pinned here

The bedroom, I would try to replicate this look.
Pinned here

For the bathroom and kitchen, it would seem the black and white tiles cover both. So until I could afford to re-do them, I would keep them and work the rooms as follows:

For the bathroom,

I would add some black gloss to the cabinetry, grey to ceiling and red to the towels.
Pinned here

For the kitchen, I would paint the cabinets grey glossy and add gold fittings. Also add a industrial type light for above the table, which would be an old antique wood. Like the doors below that go into the cellar, I would add the same, but out into the courtyard.

Pinned here

The garden would need a bit of work, but would look great as follows.
Pinned here

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