08 April 2014


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Seriously, another option for a one bed house in Newton. Check this place out. Interesting that it backs onto the railway. I am not sure about that. But in the game of "what ifs" this is what I would do.... (Sold $850,500)

So following the floor plan above, I would change the living room to this.

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Then I like the look of this bedroom, with the dark walls and the layers of rugs, and would be tempted to decorate like this.
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Lately I have been gravitating towards dining rooms with a big light above the table. The below pictures sums it up. Also, I love the book shelf there too.
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Then sadly there is a kitchen then bathroom which blocks any view to the backyard (which is probably good as you look onto the railway line). So firstly lets look into what we can do in the backyard then I will propose something for the kitchen/bath.

So I am thinking that you need to create some privacy at the back fence. Given there could be an opportunity to put in a garage door at the back, if that wasn't going to be quick, you could put in a large moveable pot like below, to at least make it look good, and then you can move it as and when needs to another area in the garden or use in front of the car when the garage door is put in.
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Then I would have a canopy like below, starting that would come out from the back of the house.
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And also on the side fence, plant a few trees like the below.
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So then for the back of the house after the dining area I would then create a hallway, with the laundry on the LHS and the Bathroom on the RHS. The Bathroom would look something like this.
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Then the kitchen would look like this with a casual eating table in the centre.
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