14 April 2014


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So for something different, here is an apartment on the bottom floor of this block that I had a look at on the weekend. Yes, I actually went in and saw it. Looking on the internet at the pictures below, to me it has potential, but first you would have to get STCA permission to make it a residential use. (For Sale $775k)

To make it liveable I think you would have to frost the front windows, add some doors to the rooms, a kitchen at the back and a shower in the bathroom. Oh, and open the windows at the back, to let some air in. After that would you live here?

This is visually what I am thinking... oh and I had some help from this blog and this project, whilst searching for ideas.

For the large front room I would put in a desk at the window like below with some open bookshelves behind the desk.
Pinned here

For the rest of the room I would make it simple like below
Pinned here

For the long narrow room on the LHS I would put in a settee like below , with book shelves behind it.
Blogged here

Then for the opposite end of the room I would put a bed like below.
Pinned here

For the room where the fireplace is, I would put a lounge/tv snug like below.
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For the room that goes into the back room, I would make a dining room, like below.
Pinned here

For the back room, the area where the kitchenette is I would make a laundry area. On the opposite side I would put in a long kitchen like the below.
Pinned here

For the bathroom a simple shower would need to be added.
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