28 February 2014


Home - Mix

So the search continues and look what popped up. Do you think the price guide is too much? (Sold $785k)

The front would need a bit of a tidy up

and could have a group of pots that look like this.
Pinned here
Then following this floor plan

The layout of the living room can be switched so as to put a sidetable for books and a tv against the wall.

The upstairs bedroom could stay the same

The room after the living room would change to a dining room.
Pinned here

The sunroom could change to this with a few more comfortable chairs.
Pinned here

with the galley kitchen I would change to this.
Pinned here
The the couryard could change from this

to this
Pinned here 
Then how about a bathroom like this.
Pinned here

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