07 June 2013

Now Then Whenever

Now Then Whenever - Inspire

I really haven't been more inspired by an editor's letter than those from Elle Decoration.  Sometimes I would prefer to read Michelle Ogundehin's letter for the month than look at the rest of the magazine. I like that she is so open about her movement to declutter and rejuvinate, it sets a great tone for the magazine. Below are her letters.

March letter: Spiritual awakening
Posted: January 25th, 2013
So I did go and see the spiritualist in the end (see last month’s letter) and I’ve set myself a goal of 90 days to change my life. Let me explain. It’s not so much that she told me specific things to do, it’s that I’m fascinated by spiritualists, shamans, psychics and the like: although I sometimes wonder if any sense of resolution after a visit is simply a placebo effect. Do we actualise a predicted reality because someone told us it was going to happen, or was it going to happen anyway? What if we don’t want that something to happen? Now that we ‘know’, won’t that change things? Are we not the authors of our own scripts? Perhaps it’s simply that we hear an idea and think yes, I like the sound of that, so off we go, led on a new path, our eyes opened to previously unimagined possibilities. Or can some people just see the future? After all, I’m sure most of us don’t know how electricity works either, but we don’t question that......  more here

April letter: The minimal in me
Posted: March 1st, 2013
I yearn to be capsule collection woman. Over the past month, I’ve been throwing/giving away as much stuff as possible in an effort to be streamlined and tidy. As such, I’ve long dreamt of a wardrobe full only of effortlessly chic pieces that I wear year in and out, and to some extent I’d succeeded. But now my wardrobe seems to be full of old favourites that need to be retired. I’ve always wanted a bathroom cabinet stocked with only a single face wash and moisturiser, a signature nail polish and matching lipstick, toothbrush and toothpaste. This is also not quite the case. I appear to have accrued all manner of lotions and potions in an attempt to maintain a youthful radiance and carefree complexion. And I sincerely wanted to not buy another book until I’d read all the ones I already have. Additionally not happened. But worse, my house has a basement. It’s terribly well organised but it is rather full and since I read on Theminimalists.com that organising is often well-planned hoarding, I have come to the horrible conclusion that this is me. So why can’t I get rid of more stuff?.....  more here

May: Rise and shine
Posted: March 28th, 2013
By the time you read this, I will have completed my 90-day mission to change my life. And the result? The basement has been streamlined, with large boxes of assorted objets sold to a friend who runs a market stall in Brighton, and my email inbox is routinely processed to empty. Thus I’m better organised, and therefore happier and more energetic, as I’m no longer constantly overwhelmed by the information influx that seems to impact me on a daily basis. I’m even healthier and fitter! So how did I do it? Simple. I trained myself to get up earlier.... more here

Rise and Shine: the details
Posted: April 4th, 2013
As explained in my previous post, I believe I’ve changed my life for the better simply by training myself to wake an hour earlier than before. Why? Because I’ve gained time in which to support and sustain myself, making me better able to manage everything else. In other words, I made time to prioritise those things which I recognise as being important for my well being, but are often neglected due to the everyday pressures of a busy 21st century working life.... more here

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