06 June 2013


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Look at this new place on the market. Surely it must have a backyard,but if it doesn't, then that could explain the starting price guide. You would have to think hard about how you would make use of the roof space. Still it is in a reasonable location and there is a park close by, plus Balmain.

So how would I change it....

Living Room 
It would go from this

to this...
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Interesting to note that the window opens to the kitchen....but it would go from this...

to this
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to this
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Though I haven't see the state of it now, going by the plan, if it was something like this (though no bath)... I could live with it for a while. I think!
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If I have to look at a brick wall (given the next house has renovated the back) then, if possible I would make the courtyard look like this.
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