06 May 2013


Home - Feature (Designer Mix)

Stalking in Balmain again for little cottages and found this beauty. So this is what I would do with this floorplan and it is looking colourful.

Front Appeal
Paint the front of the house like next door choosing a grey on the brick and black on the features particularly the side gate.

Living Room and Sunroom

It would go from the above to the below. Though if I couldn't remove the carpets I would get a coloured round rug.

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In the little sunroom I would put a desk at one end - perhaps clear like below (obviously it would be a lot smaller), but with salon style paintings on the wall.
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At the other end would be a cabinet or bookshelf.
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For the bedroom I would try to bring in some character with some antiques. I would also go dark walls.

Kitchen/Dining Room
For the kitchen maybe you have to have a bit of wow and go for a gold ceiling like this... paint the cabinets white and paint the floor black and then have a round table with some red chairs.

It would from from the below

to this with a series of pots with Japanese Maples and little pots around them with other green foliage.
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