27 May 2013


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So this weekend I was doing a little exploring into the works of some American Interior Decorators and have discovered a few rooms that I like. What do you think of these?

Jeffrey Alan Marks
Jeffrey is one of the Million Dollar Decorators. One other who appears on the show is Nathan Turner, which I posted on his work here.

I like this room because of the couch (the colour and style) then how it brings out the rest of the room with the blond wood, yellow patterned rug and cream walls - with also dark wood.

This is another example of how you make a long room work.

This room makes you think coastal with not too much effort.

Markham Roberts
I am not sure I like all his work. Just a bit Twee for me, but the room below which was featured here, got my attention with the artwork, chairs and displays.
I also blogged it here

Tom Scheerer
There were a few project that grabbed my attention, but below is my current favourite. I think it is because it looks like all the pieces were gradually collected.

Kathryn Ireland
Another Million Dollar Decorator, but this is the only shot I like from her Portfolio that I can see.
Found here
Carrier and Company
They designed Vogue's entry foyer, but I like this room the best.

And this kitchen
I featured here.

Katie Ridder 
Another designer that has got my attention, especially with this bathroom

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