07 March 2015


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I haven't been perusing the property market for a while. But I went on there yesterday and found there wasn't much on there. Strange I thought given the hype with low interest rates, though no drop this month. But I did find two that piqued my interest.

Balmain - 1 Bed unit
What appeals to me most about this unit is the floor layout. It has a nice flow about it. I particularly like the bi-fold doors to the balcony. Not much I would change here, as you could move in and throw a small party very easily. Basically, a very sociable-looking flat. So it is well and truly hitting the buyers market for the singles or young couples.

Balmain - 1 bed unit off-plan
Not much to show here for this flat, but another example of a great floor plan. Even better than the above. Love the 2 doors to the bathroom and the study nook with the laundry.

So, if I had a chance to fit it out, this is what I would do.

Study - I would keep it simple and neat with a killer-looking chair like the below.

Bathroom - Give there is no window, I would go black except for the floors, and just go all out with lighting and a few of the accessories. The pictures below come to mind.

Bedroom - I would want to keep it simple, yet feel luxurious, whilst bringing in more natural fibers. Like a material on the walls, linen on the curtains, and maybe a woolen carpet. The below images are what I am thinking.

Kitchen/Living - I like the openness of these rooms and the flow to the balcony. A very social room. Below are the images that come to mind for these rooms.

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