02 December 2013


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8 Stylist's Tricks That Really Work

We look at a lot of photos of interiors, and there are a few tricks we see again and again. Why? Because they almost always work...
We've asked a few magazine writers, stylists, and photographers about how they stage a home, and every single one told us that they rarely add anything, but they often subtract. Editing is probably the single easiest way to ramp up a room's sense of style.
Simplicity applies to color as well. Photos look great when you group similar hues together in a collection or keep the color scheme as basic as possible.
We also see a lot of photos with just one or two details that show someone actually lives there, whether it's a pair of shoes by the door or a half-full water glass. For examples from the full list, click through the photos above:
• 1 Leave a couple of things out of place.
• 2 Display your best stuff, and hide the rest.
• 3 Group collections by color to create a sense of cohesion.
• 4 When in doubt, decorate with symmetrical pairs.
• 5 Make an instant tablescape with artwork, books, and a lamp.
• 6 Subtract, and then subtract some more.
• 7 Use one large-scale piece to create a focal point.
• 8 Don't forget the plants and flowers.

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