01 March 2013


Home - Feature (Designer Mix)

How would you decorate a studio unit like this???

Found here while it lasts (Sold: $500k, Feb13)

I would put this to the right of the doorway opposite the cupboards, changing the items on display, though I like the artwork.

Still looking right from the doorway I would put a comfy chair and table against the far wall.
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From the photo below you are looking back to the bedroom, but once you turn left from the study the bedroom would go from this ....

to this ....
I would add a curtain that hung from the ceiling in a velvet fabric (strong colour like red below or gray) on the outside and a sheer (white) fabric on the inside that wrap around the bed & bedside tables, and you could draw open and close from either side of the bed.  Also leave enough space for a walkway at the end of the bed to walk thru to the living area.
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I wouldn't go for a statement bed like above, but something with a padded bedhead like below
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It would go from this....

To this...
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Would go from this ....

to this ... (preferably a ground table)
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Then add a sheer curtain that goes the full length of the windows and add a few bamboo plants on the balcony.

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