28 January 2013


Home Feature (Designer Mix)

So whilst perusing the property market, I found this apartment and thought that would be nice if I could make a few changes and they would be these...

I would take out the island and put in a table, make the tiles the same (by painting the entrance ones white) and paint the cabinets glossy black. Also change the ceiling light. So it would go from this...
to this
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I would put this at the hallway... with a coat rack.
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The living room would go from this  
to this
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Keep the blinds, but add curtains that go right up to the ceiling to add height.
Obviously I wouldn't have the depth, so would remove the chairs near the window and just keep the main couch and the plant to bring the outdoors in.
The TV would be on the wall opposite the couch with a low glossy white book shelf underneath something like this...

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The Main Bedroom would go from this
to this...
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I would add some black features to the Bathroom and brass if I had the budget... 
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2nd Bedroom
Then maybe for the second bedroom go deep with the colours so it looks like this.. but keep the bed on the side, so I can put in a desk...so it doubles as a study.
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